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Zaynab Al-Ghazali (2 January 1917 – 3 August 2005) was a Egyptian activist. She was the founder of the Muslim Women's Association (Jamaa'at al-Sayyidaat al-Muslimaat), and was closely associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.

She describes her prison's experience, which included sufferings of many heinous forms of torture, in a book entitled Ayyam min hayyati (literally, "Days from my life"), published in English under the title Return of the Pharaoh. The "Pharaoh" referred to is President Nasser. Al Ghazali depicts herself as enduring torture with strength beyond that of most men, and she attests to both miracles and visions that strengthened her and enabled her to survive.

After the assassination of Hasan al-Banna in 1949, Al-Ghazali was instrumental in regrouping the Muslim Brotherhood in the early 1960s. Imprisoned for her activities in 1965, she was sentenced to twenty-five year of hard labor but was released under Anwar Sadat's Presidency in 1971.

During the imprisonment, Zainab Al-Ghazali and members of the Muslim Brotherhood underwent inhumane tortures. Al-Ghazali recounts her being thrown into a cell locked up with dogs to confess assassination attempt on President Nassir. Al-Ghazzali during these periods of hardship she is reported to have had visions of Muhammed. Some miracles were also experienced by her, as she got food, refuge and strength during those difficult times.

After her release from prison, al-Ghazali resumed teaching and writing for the revival of Muslim Brotherhood's magazine, Al-Dawah. She was editor of a women's and children's section in Al-Dawah, in which she encouraged women to become educated, but to be obedient to their husbands and stay at home while rearing their children. She wrote a book based on her experience in jail.

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A music theory book that hits the high note: This updated and expanded edition of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory breaks down a difficult subject in a simple way-even for those who think they have no rhythm or consider themselves tone deaf. With clear, concise language, it explains everything from bass-clef basics to confusing codas. This new edition includes: * A comprehensive ear-training section * Musical examples of intervals, scales, chords, and rhythms * Aural exercises so readers can test their ear training and transcription skills About the Author Michael Miller is the author of several successful music guides, including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Songwriting, Second Edition, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Solos and Improvisation, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing Drums, Second Edition, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Composition.

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Take your voice to the next level and grow as a performer

Whether you're a beginning vocalist or a seasoned songster, Singing for Dummies makes it easy for you to achieve your songbird dreams. This practical guide gives you step-by-step instructions and lots of helpful tips, hints, vocal exercises, reminders, and warnings for both men and women, including advice on the mechanics of singing, discovering your singing voice, developing technique, singing in performance, maintaining vocal health, and performing like a pro. This Second Edition is an even greater resource with additional vocal exercises, new songs, and information on the latest technology and recording devices.

  • Covers comprehensive singing techniques, finding one's pitch, the importance of posture and breath control, and taking care of one's voice
  • Discover how to sing alone or with accompaniment
  • The updated CD features new tracks and musical exercises, as well as demonstrations of popular technique, scales and pitch drills, and practice songs for singers of all levels

Singing for Dummies, Second Edition contains all the information, practices, techniques, and expert advice you need to hone your vocal skills with ease! 

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